Saturday, May 21, 2016

1800's Table Topper Quilted

Love the completed 1800's Table Topper that I completed today.  Quilted and Bound  Yeah!  The colors are so rich and great  jewel tones.

The quilt is made of all half square triangles.

The free motion quilting really is revealed on the back.  I really like the center border quilting.  I did the cursive "e" on the entire border.  I'm pleased with the thread color, looks so natural with this style of fabric.  

Another completed!  Onto the next project!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Going Old School

This year I decided to go "old school" or Vintage in my flower garden.  I love to plant seeds and watch their progress, that is if the snails, grasshoppers or lizards don't chew on the leaves.   Some of the seeds were gathered- ok I gathered them in the Association flower beds.  The gardeners don't dead head so I watch for the plants to go to seed.  Last fall I collect ruby red snapdragons and guess what they are blooming.   The seeds of the purple delphiniums were planted in my flower garden last year. So I saved the seed/ Wahoo!  They're blooming too.

Purple Delphiniums

So this year I planted Hollyhock, Bachelor Buttons and Cosmos seeds.  These flowers always remind me of my Grandma Steinert.  She loved these flowers and always saved her seeds in empty jars.  Always remember seeds in green olive jars.
                                        The flowers will look like this when they are bloom.

Bachelor Butons



Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Scrappy For Mexico

Cleaned out the 2.5" scrap drawer and made this quilt that will go to Juares Mexico with the mission team from St. John's in July. This year the team plans to build three houses.  Excited for the families who will be given a new home!

 It was fun to make this pattern and I'm sure the family who receives this quilt will enjoy all the different types prints in the fabrics - everything from flowers to zebras to basketballs and then there are chickens!  It's great to be able to share what I have been so blessed with others who have so little.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

1800's Table Topper

My friend, Gretchen, gave me her leftover half square triangles.  I squared them up, assembled the blocks and added two borders using fabric that was given to me by another quilting friend, Denise.  Love when friends share with each other. So with all this wonderful fabric the only thing to do is complete a 1800's table topper.

Love the richness of the colors!  Next step is pinning and free motion quilting. Watch for the completion of the next step.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Quilts for Baby Dolls

Doll quilts were a must for the little girls in my family.  My three Great Grandaughters had only one baby doll quilt (was made for Molly years ago).  My, my three little girls and only one quilt. Not going to work.  So I got busy and made two more for them one for Fiona and the other for Erynn (when she is a bit older).

Snowballed Corner Squares Of 3.5 Squares
Mini Tumbler 

Fiona and Molly

Two Special Girls

Loves her baby!
My two nieces, who each have a little girl, needed a doll quilt at their house too!  So I was on an adventure to make two more quilts.  Aliyah likes purple and Claire just doesn't do pink!  So here are the quilts I made for these two darling girls!
Disappearing Pinwheel for Aliyah

Aliyah and her baby!

Disappearing Nine Quilt

Claire Reads To Her Baby!

I do hope these little girls have as much joy as I did making each of these quilts for their special play time.  I do hope I get photos of the girls and their blankets!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Celebrate Spring Tea

Spring Blooms From My Garden

   The Centerpiece for Tea Table

Love the fragrence of Freesia, the color of Alstroemeria, and the abundance of pink Orchids.  All grown by ME!

                                                               March 19, 2016

The first Celebrate Spring Tea was held today.  It's a first in many more to come!  The tablecloth was begun by me during the winter when I taught in Idaho, but I never finished it.  My mom, bless her heart, took the job over and finished all the cross stitching on the cloth.  Love that her hands did such a wonderful job.

The menu for the tea consisted of melt in your mouth tea cookies, orange scones (thinking that the pink glazes wasn't such a great idea) with orange honey butter or lemon curd, chocolate banana cake, cherry tarts, chocolate covered vanilla cookies topped with walnuts, egg salad sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches( chicken, pecans, crasins, celery and apple pieces) and cucumber radish and cream cheese sandwiches.  Oh my was it good!

It was such a great day with my knitting group and a few quilting friends!  Was such great day filled with laughter, good food and great conversation!
Now I need to begin the search for decorations (no bunnies- not Easter but spring tea), serving plates etc. for this annual event.   Each guest received a small hexagon mug rug made with tea cup fabric. Looking forward to November and my Thanksgiving Tea!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Table RunnersI

I've been cleaning out my UFO drawer and found these table runners that I had not completed.  So I got busy and finished the Valentine runner before Valentine's Day, okay it was the day before but who's counting.  Then I finished the Patriotic runner even before July Fourth.  Amazing!  The Patriotic is made with 2" tumblers.

Well then I saw this quilt top on Pinterest and had an idea for a topper for my tea cart.
Here's the one on Pinterest.

I thought it was so neat that the quilting was done on the machine with out doing free motion. It's such a darling little quilt.
So here's my verion of the topper I made for my tea cart.

The quilting was done with straight stitches and then added one of those fancy stitches that are on my machine but never used.   Well  I think it's pretty cute and I'm thinking I need to make a square topper that matches for my dining room table.  
Oh, forgot to mention... All the fabric for these toppers came from my cupboard.  Bunches of fabric is still available!  Ready, Set, Sew!