Monday, January 9, 2017

Flat House for Fiona

Once upon a time in a land far away there lived a family that went by the name of Flats. Everything in their world was FLAT. When opened, the Flats House pops open for hours of imaginative play. The walls then fold in toward the center and the handles come together to carry at.

Button flowers in the flower boxes and Topiary beside the front door add to the curb appeal.

This just had to be a Third Birthday Present for Great Granddaughter Fiona!   The pattern was designed by Angela Yosten and was found on Pinterest. 

I thought it would be easy for Fiona to carry and enjoy with any of the toy characters she already owns.   Had a wonderful time choosing the fabrics, not so fun to trace all the pieces on the wonder under, fuse it and cut out the shapes.  I did change the inside design. The orginial pattern had a couch.  Looked like square boxes and did not appeal to me. So  I changed it to be a bed.  


The pictures, flowers and an owl, above the bed reflect the things that I love and hopefully will remind Fiona of me!  

I hope Fiona will enjoy the Flat House and spend many happy hours playing! Happy Birthday Fiona!  Love You!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Projects 2016

  Gingerbread Potholders
I love gingerbread boys and they are my favorite to make at Christmas.  Well the cookie part has not yet begun but I did make potholders that are gifts for friends.

They are so cute and were easily made.  I found the idea online! Free pattern (my favorite kind)!  It's a nine patch made out of 2.5" squares. The potholder is small but would work as a trivet or a mug rug.  My special friends will receive them on Monday at Knitting Krowd.  Excited to share.
Here's the crowd, group or bunch of them.

 Project Runner for the Owl Cabinet
I used Lori Holt's (Bee In My Bonnet) book Quilty Fun  to make this runner!  Love her book and some day hope to make the Christmas quilt titled " Have Yourself a Quilty Little Christmas".  The blocks are all made from the book. No time this year, maybe 2017.  Here's the runner and my display.  Snowmen of course and the Santa owls were gifts from former first grade students, love the memories!

More projects are in the machine.... Watch for additional completed projects next week!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dia de los Muertos

This year I'm using the theme Dia di los Muertos for my Halloween decorations!  I made a yard flag, quilted some table toppers, planted Marigolds, orange is the desired color. bought a skull yard stake!  I Love the colors and the idea that I celebrate my family who are in heaven.   This theme has brought back memories of my dad,  mom, my moms parents and all my aunts and uncles who have died.

* Mom had a wonderful sewing talent and encourage me to always try for my best
* Dad always encouraged my faith and was proud I became a Christian Day School Teacher
* Uncle Harold's outlook encouraged being positive, gave me juicy fruit gum when I was little
* Aunt Elsie was gracious and made the BEST cookies
* Aunt Arlene was support and had an awesome laugh and made my day joyful
* Grandma Steinert was a talented baker and crocheter
* Grandpa Steinert was an awesome builder.

 I was so blessed to have them in my life and the celebration of Dia di los Muertos helped me remember so many happy times, strong bonds to my family and joyful times with family.

So today I decorated skull cookies!  Thanks to Linda Hoyt Divine for the skull shaped cookie cutter.
 I should have purchased black icing.  Mixing colors does not make black, believe me.  BUT it is what it is and this is what it is this year.  I had a great time! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Civil War Hard Crackers Quilt

Hard Crackers is a quilt designed by Carol Hopkins.  The finished size is 17" X 19".  Not my ususal quilt size, the small squares finish at 2" X 2".  Was a challenge but always good to stretch yourself in your  craft.   I chose blue for the outer borders, a a dark beige for the inner border, just seemed right for the blocks.  Not all the fabrics are reproduction Civil War fabrics but for 2016 my motto is "use what you have".

"Crackers" is the historical name for this quilt block, since crackers played a role in feeding the soldiers during the Civil War.  Soldiers were given a three-day ration of six to eight crackers. These dry thick biscuits, sometimes called hardtack were baked in northern factories, packed in wooden crates and shipped to locations occupied by the troops.

By the time they reached the soldiers they were hard and bug infested, leading soldiers to refer to them as "tooth dullers" or "worm castles".  Others described them as indestructible, "too small to shoe a mule and too big to use as bullets"

For a blending effect, I used a dark beige thread for the free motion quilting. This small quilt will be donated to the Friendship Quilters fund raiser, Tulip Tea and Quilt Sale, which will be held on
 March 25, 2017.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Two Project Completed

Today I finished two projects!  Yeah!  The new pillow for the bedroom is a Cathedral Window.  Always wanted to make a Cathedral Window quilt  but it looked to complicated and too time consuming. I watched a video by Shabby Fabrics on Youtube and just went after it.  The step by step process in an easy uncomplicated process was so helpful.  It was like doing an Origami paper fold only with fabric.  Tough part was getting the pieces (just like the paper ones) to be exact.  So here's the result.  TaDah!  Oh, just thought I'd say, not making a quilt, pillow will do.

Well it was supposed to go with the new bedspread and blend with the picture above the bed.  Well,  it's okay and will stay on the bed but goodness now the bedspread, picture and the pillow don't match  exactly and I live with a person who loves things to match exactly.  So it's staying on the bed.  Happy Me!


The second project was an I Spy quilt that I made from left over tumbler pieces.  The first I Spy quilt was completed about a year ago and I got tired of shuffling the extra tumbler pieces. Kids love colors and add animals, hearts, bugs, dogs and stars and you hit a home run. The tumbler blocks made panel and then added borders. It will be donated to a home for children who have not been fortunate to have lots of love and special care.  I hope the little person who receives this quilt will know that there is a BIG Hug to wrap around them each time they use the quilt.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Playing With Fall Fabrics

I love fall...fabrics, pumpkins, sunflowers, orange, red, brown and yellow!!  I spent several days playing with a large bin of fall fabrics.  Made two small runners or toppers.

The tea cart has a new topper.

Oh to have some fall tea cups to add.  Dreaming!

I made this topper for the top of the owl cabinet to inhance the cabinet that contains my  large collection. 

Adding the green was not a great idea.  It looked great with the green in the pumpkin fabric and using white thread to do the feathers in the middle wasn't the best either. Another lesson learned!  
But it's mine and I'm not complaining!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Knitted Lace

 The knitted lace process is knit two, knit two together and yarn over then knit two  This was my first attempt at knitting lacy effect.  It appeared to be easy when I read the pattern and  practiced the stitch.

The pattern level was EASY, okay I can do this.  Well it was going well until I dropped one of the yarn overs!  Goodness, didn't know which way to move the stitch back on the left needle.  So I ripped, removed, unknitted stitches, whatever you call it in proper knitting terms.  Well this happened several times. BUT
(Strange how the color intensifies when you place it on a forest green background  verses a burgundy background.)

I finally finished the project.  It took me a lot longer than I thought.  It's a birthday present, a July birthday present.  No, not next year July, this year July.  So I'm late! I'm late, I'm late, I missed the date!

   I'm pleased  and learned about picking up dropped stitches but for a while I need a quick, easy project, perhaps some dish clothes would be good.