Monday, June 23, 2014

Hunter Star Top Complete

I am so thrilled with my Hunter Star quilt top.  The small black and white strip first border just sets the quilt off and makes it awesome.  Now to purchase the back (25% off on the 25th of the month)  Yeah  getting a deal!  Plan on purchasing a piece that's red poppies with black and white designed background.  Best part is that tomorrow is the 25th!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hunter Star

What a great day to use the AccuQuilt Go to make the Hunter Star Block!  Took awhile to figure out how to cut specific pieces, cut just white star shapes, the large triangles and thin middle pieces in the color I needed for the block. At first I just covered the die with a one color but didn't need some of the shapes in all the colors.  It's going to be a dynamite quilt!  I love the contrast.

So while I'm sewing the black, red and white blocks together I thought this would be a great patriotic quilt to make for the Veterans!  So got the GO out and cut red, white and blue to make a sample block.  It's now on my "TO  DO"  list.  

I'll have to get some fabric.. Only had a bit of red and this piece of blue in bin. The red section needs to be a print and not a solid.  Need yardage to do the quilt, well ok a trip to the quilt store won't be such a bad thing!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Katelin's Baby Quilt

Giggles is the name of the pattern by Jawbird Quilts.  I love the color - bold and solid.  This is the first modern quilt I've made.  I discovered that modern quilts take alot of machine quilting, thread and alot of time to complete the machine quilting.  I'm pleased with the quilt and was really pleased that she was thrilled with my gift.

Back has jelly beans, always a favorite with kids 
The pattern used 4.5 inch strips for the chevrons.  Thinking maybe I'll try 2.5 inch strips and see if I can make a bag to go with the quilt.  Everybody always has extra fabric.  A challenge, always love to challenge myself.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Baby Quilts

Two similar quilts   PINK  for two special little girls!    Mary is our pastor's new daughter and Ali is our neighbors baby.  I think every liitle girl needs a pink quilt! Made the borders different.  Used numerous squares from the 2" drawer.  Good to use some of the pieces.

This is Ali's little quilt!

This is Mary's quilt.

So now I have another baby quilt to make for my niece Katelyn's new baby.  I decided to make a quilt with primary colors. Will be a learning quilt= find the color!  Can't take the teacher out of me. The theme of her nursery is "woodland".  How do you make a woodland quilt for a baby?  Going to use my new ruler I bought from Jaybird Quilts.  It will be a cheveron style.  Cutting out the pieces tomorrow.  More to come.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mystery Quilt Celtic Solstice

After hours of sewing and pressing I completed the Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt that was designed by Bonnie Hunter on Quiltville.  Just to think this is only one half of the blocks!   I am able to make another quilt exactly like this one!!   Amazing.  Bonnie is a " Super Size" person.

I like the quilt for the design it creates but I'm sure glad I don't need to press open any more seams!  I'm concerned about the number of seams when I begin quilting.  Need to choose a back and batting.  Then ready set  quilt!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Top Complete

My Mariner's Compass top is complete.  It's pin and ready to free motion quilt.  I've been letting it set, just have a bit of a nervous stomach.  Don't want to mess it up.  But this afternoon is the time to begin.  Fingers crossed for a good quilting day!  Stay tuned for the reveal!  So proud of the quilt.  This will be displayed on my dining room table.

Yesterday  i continued working on the Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt... The blocks are finished. So now to set the blocks together.  Decided to make two lap quilts.  Bonnie's version is way to large for me to quilt and I really can't justify paying to have it quilted.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Top Complete

Whew, the paper piecing is complete on the compass.  Now onto making and adding the borders.  I like the arrangement of colors but just adore the fabric for the center.  I have enough to use that fabric for the outside border strip.

I'm impressed with the finished product!  Never done Seminole piecing. It does make a nice border.  Was so glad I bought extra of the focus fabric.  I've had lots of complements, always makes a project worthwhile.  Now to pin and quilt.  Going to have to think and study the machine quilting pattern .   Best part of today, I don't have to piece the back! The top is now complete and ready to quilt.  I'm a bit puzzled as how to do the white with yellow polka dot areas. The are a focus and think that pebbles or bubbles would look good to match the fabric in the points but oh my the pebbles to make.