Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Quilts for Baby Dolls

Doll quilts were a must for the little girls in my family.  My three Great Grandaughters had only one baby doll quilt (was made for Molly years ago).  My, my three little girls and only one quilt. Not going to work.  So I got busy and made two more for them one for Fiona and the other for Erynn (when she is a bit older).

Snowballed Corner Squares Of 3.5 Squares
Mini Tumbler 

Fiona and Molly

Two Special Girls

Loves her baby!
My two nieces, who each have a little girl, needed a doll quilt at their house too!  So I was on an adventure to make two more quilts.  Aliyah likes purple and Claire just doesn't do pink!  So here are the quilts I made for these two darling girls!
Disappearing Pinwheel for Aliyah

Aliyah and her baby!

Disappearing Nine Quilt

Claire Reads To Her Baby!

I do hope these little girls have as much joy as I did making each of these quilts for their special play time.  I do hope I get photos of the girls and their blankets!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Celebrate Spring Tea

Spring Blooms From My Garden

   The Centerpiece for Tea Table

Love the fragrence of Freesia, the color of Alstroemeria, and the abundance of pink Orchids.  All grown by ME!

                                                               March 19, 2016

The first Celebrate Spring Tea was held today.  It's a first in many more to come!  The tablecloth was begun by me during the winter when I taught in Idaho, but I never finished it.  My mom, bless her heart, took the job over and finished all the cross stitching on the cloth.  Love that her hands did such a wonderful job.

The menu for the tea consisted of melt in your mouth tea cookies, orange scones (thinking that the pink glazes wasn't such a great idea) with orange honey butter or lemon curd, chocolate banana cake, cherry tarts, chocolate covered vanilla cookies topped with walnuts, egg salad sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches( chicken, pecans, crasins, celery and apple pieces) and cucumber radish and cream cheese sandwiches.  Oh my was it good!

It was such a great day with my knitting group and a few quilting friends!  Was such great day filled with laughter, good food and great conversation!
Now I need to begin the search for decorations (no bunnies- not Easter but spring tea), serving plates etc. for this annual event.   Each guest received a small hexagon mug rug made with tea cup fabric. Looking forward to November and my Thanksgiving Tea!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Table RunnersI

I've been cleaning out my UFO drawer and found these table runners that I had not completed.  So I got busy and finished the Valentine runner before Valentine's Day, okay it was the day before but who's counting.  Then I finished the Patriotic runner even before July Fourth.  Amazing!  The Patriotic is made with 2" tumblers.

Well then I saw this quilt top on Pinterest and had an idea for a topper for my tea cart.
Here's the one on Pinterest.

I thought it was so neat that the quilting was done on the machine with out doing free motion. It's such a darling little quilt.
So here's my verion of the topper I made for my tea cart.

The quilting was done with straight stitches and then added one of those fancy stitches that are on my machine but never used.   Well  I think it's pretty cute and I'm thinking I need to make a square topper that matches for my dining room table.  
Oh, forgot to mention... All the fabric for these toppers came from my cupboard.  Bunches of fabric is still available!  Ready, Set, Sew!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Knitting Bag

I wanted a "travel" knitting bag that I could take to my Monday knitting group meeting.  Rules for this project:

1) purchase nothing for this bag
2) everything needed to come from my stash
3) two day project
4) sides had to be firm to stand

I found this owl fabric and knew that this would be the fabric for the bag!  I looked at several  pattern projects but either had too much fabric OR not enough.  I wanted to use the whole piece of fabric. So this is my variation of the patterns I had.  But I didn't take into consideration the size of the pockets.  They should have been placed higher.

This will work just fine!   (I lifted the knitting project so that it would fit in the photo. )  It fits just fine, has stiff sides, only used fabric from the cupboard and took two and a half days to finish.  
Goals met!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Years End

This year is almost to a close!  Whew!  where did it go:  quilting, gardening, reading and cooking, all may favorite things to do, have filled my days and nights. I accomplished one goal, I taught myself to knit Wahoo! I formed a group of friends who meet twice a month to knit and chat! Four new friends who have become special and supportive to me.

This year has been filled with joy, fear, sadness and health but the key to all was my faith.  My Faith has encouraged me daily and strengthened me as I approach 2016.

In 2016, my goals are to be a consistent knitter (one where the stiches are equal), become a better free motion quilter, and most of all make a 100% effort to make a contact with people I don't see on regular basis.

Here's a photo of a scrap quilt I want to have completed one year from today (12/27/16).  I'll keep my progress posted.

I love this quilt and I DO have scraps of fabric.  It's basically two blocks and the movement excites me.   I found the quilt on Pinterest but No pattern, oh that is special.  So I'll begin with the two blocks that make the pattern.   I'll need to play with the sizes  oh my, scary!

Happy New Year Friends!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Pink Penguin Bags

I found this bag tutorial on The Pink Penguin Blog.  Such great directions complete with photos.  Superior  tutorial!  The pattern indicated lunch bags, but I think they are versatile bags.  Choosing the juvenile fabric was a challenge.

I made the three bags for my Great Granddaughters.  Each of the girls have individual likes and desires.  I chose one fabric with cats, one with dogs and one with Nemo.   I filled them with items I thought that would amuse them.  

I love these three and their joy for life.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Molly's Hat

Great Granddaughter Molly is wearing her new hat and scarf that was one of my first knitting efforts!  She looks so cute and was excited for the first frost so she could wear the hat and scarf. 

My knitting is progressing!  I am really enjoying sitting with a ball of yarn and needles and knitting away.  I love using the circular needles (which were used to make this hat and scarf. ) Not bad for a beginner.  The yarn I used for this project is Chaisma. It's so soft and cuddly.  I really think that I have developed a strong liking for varigated yarn. Solids are good but varigated make my heart sing.