Friday, March 10, 2017

Quilts For Kids

Just completed two male juvenile quilts that will be donated to children who are less fortunate than most little people.  They have been subject to acts that kids should never experience. 
The first is a baby quilt for a little boy.  Love the alphabet with animals.

This Simple pattern uses a focus fabric and five fabrics that have   colors featured in the focus fabric.  This is a great quilt for fabrics with a theme.  This is a "Go To" pattern.

The second completed quilt uses 2.5" squares that could be make any little boy happy to see all the colorful pictures of dogs, trucks, trains and basketballs.

The gray background really makes the colors pop!  The nine patches are set on point to give interest and allows large areas of machine quilting.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bunny Bags

Easter is fast approaching and what little person would not love this bunny in a bag!

A quilting friend showed me her idea of a bear in a sleeping bag!  Was so cute I just had to make one or two or three maybe four!  The orginial idea came from Pinterest (just love that site).  They were not difficult to make, well the bias tape around the edge was not my favorite part of the process.  The bags are larger than the original pattern.  I know, that when given to a little person, the bunny will not be the only item that is fitted into this bag.  My friend is also making these bags.   A bear would be much more suitable for the bee fabric bag.  So we plan to trade the bunny I have, for a bear that she has to fit in the bee fabric bag.   All of the bags will be featured in the Quilt Sale on March 25th.  The Tulip Tea and Quilt Sale is a Prayers and Squares fund raiser for St. John's Lutheran quilt group.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Five O'Clock Quilt

This Orange/Green and White print fabric has been in my closet for a considerable amount of time.  Time to begin cleaning out the stash!  Use it or Loose it!

This is the fabric I was attracted to and I bought one yard of the five fabrics in the line.
Loved this fabric and just didn't want to cut into pieces.  When I watched the 5 O'Clock Quilt tutorial on YouTube, by Fabric Junction,  a quilt shop in South Dakota, I decided that this pattern would best display my favorite fabric of this collection.
Quilt needs five one yard pieces of fabrics.  This pattern is a terrific use of a fabric collection of your favorite designer.

I added the border which the orginal pattern did not have.  A pieced border really shows off the quilt. I do think it's my favorite part of the quilt! 
This quilt is another donation to the Tulip Tea and Quilt Sale on March 25th.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

French Roses With Rail Fence Block

French Roses is made up of blocks that have raw edge appliqué.  After being in the laundry several times the edges will fray and produce a soft, ruffle edge.  

French Roses is a favorite quilt pattern.  I made a French Roses quilt for my mom (now belongs to my cousin) and was pleased with how the quilt looked.  When I saw this quilt all in red (who knows where) I searched for the pattern but was unable to locate the source.  I had the pattern, designed by Heather French, so I made the blocks and added the Rail Fence Blocks.  
I love that the quilt is all in a cherry tones of red.

The pattern of the fabrics I chose made a special texture for each of the roses. The quilt needed texture so it was quilted with small 3's and E's.  It was a challenge to machine quilt on my domestic machine.  Quilt measures 65" X 65"

The orginal pattern did not have the roses on the corner border. When I added the roses to two of the opposite corners, it added so much to this quilt.  The Kona white outside border is quilted with feathers, but the roses on the border made it a challenge to quilt around the three roses.
I would love if this quilt would be mine, but it will be one of my donations to the Tulip Tea and Quilt Sale to be held on March 25th.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

In December 27, 2015, I posted that this was my new years project and I would posted the completed quilt in one year from that date.  It's February 2017, here's the completed scrap quilt!  Wahoo!  Took a bit longer than one year to complete.  Life got in my way!

The optial illustion created by the placement of the two blocks is so unique!  The quilt consists of two blocks.  I used 2 inch squares for the four patches and the Tri Rec ruler to make the triangle blocks.  All the colored blocks came from the scrap drawer...didn't even put a dent in the scraps! Goodness!

The block was constructed in nine patch formation.  Each block measure 6.5" (unfinished block) when completed.  The only fabric purchased was the white back ground and the backing.  I used Kona white and the newspaper print ordered from Keepsake Quilting.

This quilt was donated and will be used as an "Opportunity Quilt" (another word for raffle) at my church group Tulip Tea and Quilt Sale in March 2017.  Hopefully we'll save tons of tickets and will be a blessing to our quilt group.  The funds raised will be used for materials for Prayer and Squares Quilts, and quilts for Veterans and local charities.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Flat House for Fiona

Once upon a time in a land far away there lived a family that went by the name of Flats. Everything in their world was FLAT. When opened, the Flats House pops open for hours of imaginative play. The walls then fold in toward the center and the handles come together to carry at.

Button flowers in the flower boxes and Topiary beside the front door add to the curb appeal.

This just had to be a Third Birthday Present for Great Granddaughter Fiona!   The pattern was designed by Angela Yosten and was found on Pinterest. 

I thought it would be easy for Fiona to carry and enjoy with any of the toy characters she already owns.   Had a wonderful time choosing the fabrics, not so fun to trace all the pieces on the wonder under, fuse it and cut out the shapes.  I did change the inside design. The orginial pattern had a couch.  Looked like square boxes and did not appeal to me. So  I changed it to be a bed.  


The pictures, flowers and an owl, above the bed reflect the things that I love and hopefully will remind Fiona of me!  

I hope Fiona will enjoy the Flat House and spend many happy hours playing! Happy Birthday Fiona!  Love You!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Projects 2016

  Gingerbread Potholders
I love gingerbread boys and they are my favorite to make at Christmas.  Well the cookie part has not yet begun but I did make potholders that are gifts for friends.

They are so cute and were easily made.  I found the idea online! Free pattern (my favorite kind)!  It's a nine patch made out of 2.5" squares. The potholder is small but would work as a trivet or a mug rug.  My special friends will receive them on Monday at Knitting Krowd.  Excited to share.
Here's the crowd, group or bunch of them.

 Project Runner for the Owl Cabinet
I used Lori Holt's (Bee In My Bonnet) book Quilty Fun  to make this runner!  Love her book and some day hope to make the Christmas quilt titled " Have Yourself a Quilty Little Christmas".  The blocks are all made from the book. No time this year, maybe 2017.  Here's the runner and my display.  Snowmen of course and the Santa owls were gifts from former first grade students, love the memories!

More projects are in the machine.... Watch for additional completed projects next week!