Sunday, September 11, 2016

Playing With Fall Fabrics

I love fall...fabrics, pumpkins, sunflowers, orange, red, brown and yellow!!  I spent several days playing with a large bin of fall fabrics.  Made two small runners or toppers.

The tea cart has a new topper.

Oh to have some fall tea cups to add.  Dreaming!

I made this topper for the top of the owl cabinet to inhance the cabinet that contains my  large collection. 

Adding the green was not a great idea.  It looked great with the green in the pumpkin fabric and using white thread to do the feathers in the middle wasn't the best either. Another lesson learned!  
But it's mine and I'm not complaining!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Knitted Lace

 The knitted lace process is knit two, knit two together and yarn over then knit two  This was my first attempt at knitting lacy effect.  It appeared to be easy when I read the pattern and  practiced the stitch.

The pattern level was EASY, okay I can do this.  Well it was going well until I dropped one of the yarn overs!  Goodness, didn't know which way to move the stitch back on the left needle.  So I ripped, removed, unknitted stitches, whatever you call it in proper knitting terms.  Well this happened several times. BUT
(Strange how the color intensifies when you place it on a forest green background  verses a burgundy background.)

I finally finished the project.  It took me a lot longer than I thought.  It's a birthday present, a July birthday present.  No, not next year July, this year July.  So I'm late! I'm late, I'm late, I missed the date!

   I'm pleased  and learned about picking up dropped stitches but for a while I need a quick, easy project, perhaps some dish clothes would be good. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Prayer Quilt Process

Prayer quilts begin with the piecing of the fabrics.  This quilt has loads of floral prints and large white areas for quilting.  I love to do free motion quilting on my domestic Baby Lock machine.  On this quilt I just started quilting... did not have any idea what or where I was going with the machine.

I feel this design in the large areas fit well.  I started in the center and moved around.  This time I was practicing tracking or traveling (going over the same stitches to arrive at another area without leaving a trace of the second stitching.)  Really need to practice echoing, making the same distance between stitching  is a challenge.  It's not as easy as it appears.

This Prayer Quilt was made for Denise, who has cancer and has already been through one surgery and will begin chemo in two weeks.  After the first round of chemo ending in December another rest time and then a second round of chemo.  Blessing and Prayers are for Denise and her family.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Bag Contains.....

           The bag is full of letters!  The entire alphabet  A- Z!

 I raided my novelty fabric bin and found fabric to make these letters for my great granddaughter, Molly! Happy 5th Birthday Molly!  These letters have a colored fabric on the front and a black and white print on the back. ( The colored side will help Molly identify the correct postion of the letters. Once a teacher always a teacher!) Extra letters, with a couple of extra e's and n's and l's,  will help her spell her last name, her sisters Fiona and Erynn's names.

I found the idea on Pinterest.  The letter shapes were sewn and the cut leaving a quarter inch edge.  Pinking Shears were suggest but mine are so dull it just made a mess. So I just cut with scissors and they will fray and be fluffy.
                                                     Enjoy your letters Molly!  XOXOX!

August 18, 2016 = With a smiling face Molly uses the letters to spell her name!  Have Fun Molly!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

What's In The Bag?

The bag is made with alphabet lettered fabric, letters all over it!  The yellow stings are so bright like sunshine!  I wonder what's in the bag that was made for a special girl who has a birthday in August.  This sweet girl will be five!  Wahoo! Kindergarten this fall will be an exciting place for this sweet girl.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mama's Kitchen Table Runner

In 2009, I made this quilt for my dining room table.  The fabric line, by Kaufman, was titled "Mama's Kitchen".  This fabric reminded me of the kitchen at home when I grew up.  Love the cherries and flowers.  The blues and the reds are so happy, but it also has checks and polka dots! Amazing fabric line!

Plus the I love stars in quilts.  The left over fabric was popped in a bag and then stored in the cupboard, oh my the cupboard!   So I gathered the left over pieces and made this table runner.

I used the Sidekick ruler by Julie @ JayBird Quilts to make the runner.  The pattern is called "Seaside". I will be donating this runner, plus many more items,  to the Tulip Tea and Quilt Sale by Friendship Quilter,  March 25, 2017.   This event is held every other year at St. John's Lutheran. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Scarf for Stef

This is our beautiful granddaughter Stefanie!  Her birthday is June 1, so this year I knitted her a scarf in her favorite color.  It's a bit short but when you are new to knitting find a yarn you love your don't think about how much to buy (lesson learned)  I'm going to suggest that she twist the scarf and sew the ends together. If Stef twists and sews (sounds like a 60's song) it will be a great cowl.  There are mistakes in this scarf/cowl and each one of the mistakes is a big hug for Stefanie. 
 Happy Birthday XOXO!