Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prayer Quilt Completed

Finished this Prayer Quilt for a breast cancer patient.  I used a "tube quilt" on a video by Jenny Doan from Missouri Star on Youtube.  It's a quick quilt and uses two 2.5 in strips and one solid strip the size of the two strips sewn together, in this case a 4.5" strip.  It's an easy quilt that has lots of variations to assemble the blocks. Quick, Fun and Done!

I quilted the hour glass squares using an Youtube video by Pam Clarke!  I just have to buy the stencils she uses!  The two stencils "design with lines"  can be adapted to many blocks.   Pam Clark's book Quilting Inside the Lines would be a great book to have.   Lines and eight lines are the two stencils she demonstrated.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Prayer Quilt

I'm stuck!  I've got the white blocks on a small prayer quilt completed.  But don't have an idea what to do with the hour glass blocks!  I've reached out to Quilt Club of America and to my quilt group for suggestions.  Hopefully, someone will enlighten me.   Oh My!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


These two table toppers were my final projects of 2014!  Both of these table topper will be donated to the Friendship Quilters Tulip Tea and Quilt Sale on March 28, 2015!

This topper was done with Jaybird Sidekick ruler. The pattern is Rock Candy.  This ruler has so many possibilities, can't wait to see what else I can do with the ruler.  The diamond shapes were done with 2" strips of Thimbleberries (ok dated fabric Ha!) fabric that was in my stash.

This table topper was the first project done using the AccuQuilt GO!   It has been a UFO for a long time, finally got the free motion quilting complete. Using the GO makes piecing so precise! Love using the GO to cut fabric.  The fabric for this topper came from my stash too!    

Now I'm going to see (it's 8pm) if I can finish the hand sewn binding on my Courthouse Stars quilt, then it will be completed in 2014 too!  Yahoo!!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Decorating Gingerbread

Having a great time decorating Gingerbread!  This is my first attempt with a pastry decorating bag.  I've watched enough Food Channel shows to kinda know how it works.  But I think this is like quilting, practice makes perfect.  Need a whole lot of practice but my family and friends will think it's cool.   So I'll win there.  The reindeer are awesome, but I can't take credit for the idea.  Pinterest is my friend.   Merry Christmas!

They turned out so cute.  Everybody has been so pleased with the cookies!  Another Christmas tradition!  

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Courthouse Stars -T0p Complete!

The blocks are complete and the rows assembled and borders are attached! Whew!  Seems like I've been working on this forever!  I need to find some place in the house or out on the patio to photograph my quilts.

Trying to decide the color of the backing, the front is a graffiti of colors!  Quilting will be simple no use to spend time doing quilting when it won't be noticed.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Courthouse Stars

The beginnings of the Courthouse Stars  Quilt.  The Courthouse Star quilt was featured on the cover of Fons and Porter Scrappy Quilts magazine!  Saw the cover and absolutely needed to buy the magazine.  There are several quilts I want to make in this issue so the price was a bargain.  The quilt consists of two blocks: a Star block, made with hour glass blocks, and a Courthouse Steps block.  The unfinished blocks measures 5".  Here's a sample of the blocks.

The Star block center is a 2" square and the points begin with 3"square . I used method for hour glass shapes suggest by Fons and Porter in the magazine to complete the Star Points. The Courthouse Steps begin with a 2" red square and 1 1/4" strips.  Loads of pieces, Yikes!  The most time consuming part of these blocks is the squaring up of the star points.  Now onto makes all the blocks and assembling the rows. Stay tuned for the next step.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

CHOC Sew 2014

What an amazing day!  Twenty five volunteers, four student volunteers and yards and yards of donated fabric produced 161 Bead Bags of Courage and 145 pillowcases!  Amazing! Even more amazing is that in 2013 we made 125 Bead Bags and 75 pillowcases!  To God Be The Glory!